Clear out & cash in!

Skip the advertising, setup/teardown & haggling with customers and consign with WeeUsables! Your only responsibilities as a WeeUsables consignor are to price, hang, tag, and place your items at the right locations on our sales floor! You don’t even have to help at the sale to make mucho money!

Our consignors typically earn a higher price for their items than they would at a yard sale since prices are non-negotiable.  Also, WeeUsables brings in thousands of shoppers (parents, mom-to-be, and grandparents), not the casual browser you may find at a yard sale.  Plus, at WeeUsables, YOU set your own prices and can earn a significantly higher percentage than from a consignment store.  All our consignors earn 65% of their sales but WeeHelper Consignors can earn up to 100% of their sales!

“For WeeUsables, I didn’t have to give up time to hold a yard sale of my own. Instead, I drop off the clothes to be consigned, and other people oversee the sale. I can make money without putting forth much effort!”

—Michelle, WeeUsables consignor

Consignor Registration

Click here to register. The cutoff for consignor registrations is one week before the start of a sale OR when all the consignor slots are filled. There is a pre-paid registration fee ($15/$12.50/$5 for Lancaster & $12.50/$5 for York- Fall 2017 rates) to cover the facility rental, advertising, and administrative costs.  FREE registration fee for BRAND NEW WeeUsables consignors.  This fee will be refunded in your consignor earnings after the sale and applies to your first event, either (not both) location.  Please note, for the Lancaster sale only, each consignor has a hanging clothing limit.  See our What to Sell page for specific details. Registration fees are non-refundable or transferable.

Regular & restocking consignors must consign a minimum of 25 items & equipment only consignors a 5 item minimum.

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Consignor Profits

As a consignor, you will keep 65% of the selling price.  Since you price your own items, the amount of money you make is based on what you sell. Click here to learn more about the profits you can earn!

Referral Bonuses

Lancaster and York consignors will have their registration fee refunded in their after-sale consignor earnings for the first NEW consignor they refer to the same season & location and $5 for each additional referral.  There is no limit on the number of referrals, but only one consignor may be given credit per referral.  Please 1) Provide the name of the referred consignor at registration, 2) Both you and the new consignor must participate in the same season and location and 3) the new consignor must consign at least the amount of the registration fee for the bonus to be applied.  All referral bonuses will be added to consignor earnings after the event.

Preparing for WeeUsables

Please check on the Pricing Your Items and Tagging Your Items pages for detailed instructions.  See What to Sell page for details on limits and see the FAQ page for information on bringing more.

Dropping Off Items

Consignors must drop off their items during the specified time(s), which may vary by sale. Please visit our Locations page to select a specific sale and hours. At drop off, the participating consignor will be asked to sign a WeeUsables Consignor Waiver.   Once completed, you may then put your items out on the floor or bring to the restocking area.  Please follow the signs and ask our WeeHelpers for specific placement.

Unsold Items

Unsold items may be picked up by the consignor once the sale has concluded– hours vary by location, so please visit our Locations page. Any items left beyond that time become the property of WeeUsables.  We will gladly distribute the unsold items to local charities to benefit our community.

What’s the legal stuff?

WeeUsables will only offer quality and safe items. However, we are not liable in any way for items that are purchased at the sale. WeeUsables is not responsible for the misuse of items, any item damages, injuries sustained at the sale event, or injuries from items purchased at the event. All sales are final. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check that all toys and clothing items are satisfactory prior to purchase. No refunds or exchanges. It is the intent of WeeUsables (not a guarantee) to only offer non-recalled items, items in complete working condition, and that pass CPSC safety guidelines. Please click here for more information on CPSC safety guidelines.


  • Consignor’s items are not guaranteed to sell.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any items on our unacceptable list.
  • Any items with missing or tampered tags will not be sold.
  • WeeUsables has the right to refuse any inordinately large drop-offs or items outside the listed limits.
  • Consignors are NOT required to be present or help during the sale.
  • All registered consignors must drop-off their items at the posted times in order to participate.
  • Consignors must also pick-up their unsold items at the posted time or those items will be donated to local charities.
  • WeeUsables is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items and is not liable for any injuries during the sale event, or injury incurred by items purchased at the sale.


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