Pricing Your Items

Getting top dollar!

Baby ShoesWhile there are no hard-and-fast rules to consignment pricing, here are some proven recommendations:

  • Take 70-75% off the original retail price and work up or down from there.
  • All items must be priced in 50 cent increments.
  • No items may be priced less than 50 cents.
  • Desirable or boutique brands (i.e. Hannah Andersson, Matilda Jane, Polo, Gymboree etc.) can be priced higher than discount brands such as those from Walmart or Target.
  • Condition determines value. For example, a “new-with-tags” item will earn more than a visibly worn item of the same brand.
  • Remove emotion from pricing since buyers don’t have the same memories with the items.
  • Ask yourself what amount YOU would pay for the item!

For further suggestions
1. Research online
2. Contact us to send you a WeeUsables pricing guide-
3. Check the Consignment Mommies’ Price Guide.

Please remember, all items must be tagged using barcodes created by the MyCM software. Handwritten tags are NOT acceptable. Click here for more information on tagging.

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