Tagging Your Items

Entering items into your inventory

All consignors MUST use the My Consignment Manager online barcoding software to enter and print tags. Handwritten tags will NOT be accepted. No time to tag?

Pros to Barcoding

  • Faster than writing by hand!
  • Print a detailed inventory and estimate your earnings before the sale.
  • After the sale, view which items sold prior and estimate your earnings.
  • Review what remains unsold so you can either pick it up during specified consignor pick-up hours or leave it for the Stuff-a-Bag event and charitable donation.
  • Print a donation list for your taxes.
  • OR transfer & resell items without re-entering them into your inventory.

Tagging Clothing Items

  • Be sure to follow all the requirements for tagging which include using white or pastel coverstock, 60-67# weight paper (NOT regular printer/copy paper). Tags must be printed in landscape not portrait.  Consignors who do not follow all tagging instructions will be charged $25.
  • All clothes must be hung on wire or plastic hangers (except a few misc clothing items listed below), with the hook facing left (see diagram), like a question mark “?”.  Pants may be attached to the hanger “shoulders” with safety pins (see diagram).  However, pant hangers are best for bottoms.
  • Outfits on multiple hangers can be rubber banded together at the neck, but each hanger counts as 1 item (Lancaster only).
  • Included accessories should be placed in a Ziploc bag and attached to the hanger.  Please consider printing a copy of the tag for the “extra” item, in case it detaches from the hanger.
  • Misc. clothing such as hats, gloves, socks, tights, onesies, underwear, training & nursing bras, accessories, kids’ jewelry etc., may be sold bagged.  Also, PJs up to 24 mos. may be bagged. Other clothing or larger sized PJs must be hung.  Use a clear, Ziploc bag with the tag taped, along the top only, to the outside of the bag.
  • Seasonal outerwear, swim, costumes/dress-up & PJs 2T and larger must be hung but DO NOT COUNT towards your hanging item limit (Lancaster only).
  • Button all buttons, zipper all zippers, snap all snaps, etc.
  • The print quality of your barcode is very important since it can greatly impact the speed, cashiers are able to scan items for a shopper.
  • Consignors with over 25 unscannable items (tags that need to be manually entered by the cashier) will be charged $25.  Please consider printing your tags on a high quality laser printer at Office Max or Staples.  Contact those retailers directly for pricing.

Tagging with a Tagging Gun

If using a tagging gun, please attach the tag into a seam or size/brand tag to avoid damaging the item with the tagging needle.


Tagging with Safety Pins

Attach tag using a safety pin, to the left shoulder (if you were wearing the item), or to the size tag if the fabric is delicate (see graphic below).

Suggestions for Tagging Misc Clothing & Non-Clothing Items

  • Hats, gloves, socks, pjs up to size 24 mos.: Place inside a Ziploc bag with the tag taped/stapled to the front, near the zipper.  Do not cover the barcode with tape. No other clothes may be sold in a bag.
  • Toys: Place small toys with many pieces inside a Ziploc bag with the tag taped/stapled to the front, near the zipper.  Use painters tape to affix the tag directly to the item.
  • Shoes: Place shoes inside a Ziploc bag with the tag taped/stapled to the front, near the zipper.  Or, you may tie the laces together and use a safety pin or tagging gun to secure the price tag to the shoes or laces.  Please do not include a shoe box.
  • Books & Videos: Please use painters’ tape when applying a tag directly to a book/video to avoid ripping the cover. When selling multiple items together, place them in a Ziploc bag (preferred). This will prevent items from separating during the sale.   Also, if it’s hard to tell what is included, consider inserting a list of items.
  • Boxed Puzzles & Games:  Boxed puzzles will be merchandised on their side, therefore, please use painters tape to  insure the boxes remain closed.  Also use painter’s tape to attach the tag and avoid ripped covers/boxes.
  • Flat Puzzles & Games: Wrap your puzzles/games tightly with plastic wrap, or if you use a Ziploc bag, secure it tightly to show a complete puzzle .  If you have 2 puzzles/games in a bag, please have them back to back, so shoppers can see both clearly.  If you have more than 2 in a bag, consider inserting a visible list of items that are included.
  • Owner manuals:  These should be included either in the box or enclosed in a Ziploc bag, attached to the item.

Tagging Expensive Items

WeeUsables is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  However, we recommend making expensive items less likely to walk away.  Please bring an empty milk or juice jug, and we will zip tie it to your item.  This jug will only be removed at the checkout to help with security of your item.  Please contact us directly for suggestions on other expensive items!   All consignors will receive an email with suggestions on how to safe guard electronic items at a WeeUsables event.

Too Busy to Tag?

If you are simply don’t have the time to prepare your items for the event, please contact us early and we will connect you with a local consignment tagging service.

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