Top Consignors

The Best of the Best

Blue Ribbon

Spring 2017 Lancaster

  1. Mark B. – $3,661.00
  2. Carolyn B. – $3,032.00
  3. Amy C. – $2,819.75

Spring 2017 York

  1. Tammy S.- $2,948.75
  2. Dana A. – $2,437.25
  3. Melanie B.- $2,354.25

“I absolutely love WeeUsables. It has the highest profit rate of any consignment store or sale that I have used.”

—Lisa, WeeUsables consignor and shopper

I feel good knowing the clothes that remain at the end of the sale are donated to a charity.

—Michelle, WeeUsables consignor

I really like the fact that I can price my own items and don’t have to do the work of setting up and selling the items myself.

—Whitney, WeeUsables consignor
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