What to Sell

Get paid to PURGE!

“I was referred to WeeUsables by a friend after complaining about all of the bins and bins of baby clothing that I had in my basement. At my first sale I brought 200 pieces of clothing and only brought home 6! Needless to say I was extremely happy with the outcome and made more money than I had imagined I would!”

—Whitney, WeeUsables consignor


Spring/Summer Sales

    • i.e. shorts, short-sleeve shirts & tank tops and lightweight pants (jeans, khakis, overalls & leggings)
      • All sizes must be hung
    • From preemie up to kids’ size 20
    • NO JUNIOR SIZES (0, 1, 3, 5 etc.)
    • Adult sizing is ONLY acceptable for maternity clothing
    • Long-sleeved shirts & blouses if a lightweight fabric and a seasonal design but
    • NO long-sleeved onesies
    • Swimsuits, trunks & cover-ups
      • must be hung
      • freebies not counted in the 100 hanging limit in Lancaster *
    • Daytime/1- piece outfits
      • Typically does not have attached feet
      • Must be hung
      • Long-sleeve if lightweight fabric
    • Such as rain, jean & wind jackets, lightweight cardigans & sweatshirts (including crews, zip front & hoodies)
    • Lightweight fabric and styles only
    • Freebies at the Lancaster location *
    • Manufacturer tag says flame resistant/intended for sleepwear
    • Typically have attached feet (sometimes called sleepers)
    • Long-sleeve & pants are acceptable if material and design are lightweight
    • 24 mos. and smaller may be bagged
    • Must hang sizes 2T and larger
    • Freebies at the Lancaster location *
    • i.e. sneakers, sandals, flip flops, dance shoes, cleats, water shoes & rain boots
    • Sizes Baby 0-5, Toddler 5-12, Kids 12-6
    • Limit of 100 HANGING children’s & 20 HANGING maternity clothes. 
    • FREEBIES, not counted in the hanging max count- swims, costumes/dress-up, lightweight outerwear (see above) & PJs (intended for nighttime). NO LIMIT ON THESE ITEMS.
    • Please contact us quickly, if you’d like to sell more than 100 hanging children’s or 20 hanging maternity clothes.

Fall/Winter Sales

  • Seasonally-appropriate clothing for babies, kids and moms-2-be such as long-sleeved shirts/tops, jeans, corduroys, overalls, sweaters, turtlenecks, sweatshirts/pants.  Children sizes preemie to kids size 20 and adult sizes in maternity only.  (LANCASTER ONLY- Limit of 100 HANGING children’s clothes & 20 HANGING maternity)  If you’d like to consign more than 100 hanging pieces, contact us.
  • No short-sleeve shirts/tops in kids or maternity sizes except infant onesies, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas shirts, holiday dresses and s/s pajamas w/ long pants.
  • Outerwear including jean & lightweight fall jackets, coats, snowsuits, snow bibs/pants are not included in 100 piece hanging children’s limit (LANCASTER ONLY)
  • Costumes/dress-up are not included in 100 piece hanging children’s limit (LANCASTER ONLY)
  • Shoes: sneakers, dress shoes, rain & snow boots, ice skates in sizes Baby 0-5, Toddler 5-12, Kids 12-6.

OK at every sale!

  • Toys and puzzles (complete sets only). Batteries MUST be included to ensure they are in working condition
  • Stuffed animals or toys that “DO” something- sing, play music, move etc. (ie Tickle-Me Elmo)
  • Baby equipment including bouncy seats, high chairs, strollers, swings, pack-n-plays, exersaucers, jumperoos, activity mats, walkers, bathtubs & bath toys etc.
  • Baby furniture including cribs (*see specifics), changing tables, gliders, rockers, nursing stools, bassinets
  • Sports equipment & clothing
  • Child-proofing equipment
  • ONLY utilitarian room decor- has a purpose other than decorative (i.e. night light, organizers, book ends etc.)  Contact us with any questions.
  • Outdoor toys such as bikes, scooters, playhouses, motorized cars etc.
  • Costumes & dress-up (not included in the 100 piece hanging limit in Lancaster)
  • NEW breast pump storage bags
  • NEW & unexpired food, formula and bath products
  • Diaper Bags
  • NEW disposable diapers, bundled by size
  • Bleached & laundered cloth diapers and training pants
  • NEW underpants with tags or in the original package
  • Training & nursing bras, girls camis and undershirts
  • Crib or twin sheets
  • Cribs manufactured after 6/2011 & no current recalls
  • Single-layer blankets ONLY
  • Crib mattresses
  • Sleeping bags & nap mats
  • “Breathable Bumpers”
  • Sippy cups, bottles & nipples, non-liquid filled teethers and “open” pacifiers (See unacceptable provisions)
  • Non-numerical sizing such as S, M, L, & XL (must pick a numerical size when entering item into the online inventory)
  • Handmade items (as long as they are tagged with a size and adhere to the current CPSC clothing guidelines)
  • Furniture: changing tables, gliders, etc. (nursery/kid’s furniture only)
  • DVDs rated G, PG or PG-13 in original case/cover
  • Books, computer, and video games (rated “E” for everyone or “T” for teen)
  • Consignors MUST review the CPSC website within a week of the sale at www.cpsc.gov to ensure the consigned items are not recalled and still fully adhere to their safety guidelines. Consignors will be asked to sign a waiver at registration. Search for recalled items »

Car Seat Guidelines NEW

  • Seats previously in an accident are dangerous and therefore CANNOT be resold.
  • If your car seat includes a manufacturer expiration date sticker, we will only accept car seats that do not expire within 6 months of the last day of the sale OR
  • If your car seat does not include a manufacturer expiration date sticker, then it must be less than 5 years old not and cannot expire within 6 months of the last day of the sale.
  • Please include the owner’s manual/instructions in a Ziploc bag attached to the item.  These can be downloaded & printed from the internet.
  • Consignors MUST review the CPSC website within a week of the sale at www.cpsc.gov to ensure the consigned items are not recalled and still fully adhere to their safety guidelines. Consignors will be asked to sign a waiver at registration.

Item Minimum & Limits (Lancaster Only)

Regular & restocking consignors must bring a minimum of 25 items to the event to be considered a participating consignor. Equipment Only Consignors must bring a minimum of 5 items.  Any Lancaster consignors who would like to sell more than 100 hanging children’s clothing or 20 hanging maternity clothing must contact us about purchasing additional hanging spot(s).  These spots cost $15 for a regular and $12.50 for a restocking spot.  These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and not guaranteed.  There is a 4 “spot” maximum per consignor.


  • Clothes
    • Junior or adult sizes
    • Stained, torn, old, smelly, smoky, pet-hairy or smoky clothing/items
    • Illegible/missing size info
    • Used underpants
    • Inappropriate graphic or wording
  • Adult jewelry
  • Incomplete or broken toys and puzzles
  • Used battery-operated items missing batteries.  See fee below.  However, new items do not need to include batteries.
  • Naked dolls
  • Stuffed animals that do not “DO” something- play music, moves/dance etc.
  • Recalled items [ Check for recalled items » ]
  • ALL medicine & vitamins
  • Used liquid filled teethers and “closed” pacifiers
  • Used mouth guards, vampire teeth, kazoos, noise makers or whistles
  • Opened or expired food or bath products
  • Used squeeze & squirt bath toys
  • Nursery bedding including bumpers
  • Cribs manufactured on or before 6/2011 & any adjustable/drop side
  • NO multi-layer blankets, comforters, quilts etc.
  • Breast pumps or tubing (NEW milk storage bags are ok)
  • Car seats older than the printed manufacturer expiration date or if no printed sticker, we will not accept seats older than 5 years from the manufacturer date or expire within 6 months of the event
  • NO decorative room decor that does not have a utilitarian purpose (i.e. pictures, statues, figurines, decorative wall hangings)  Contact us for more information.
  • Shoes
    • Scratched leather
    • Scraped/worn/dented toes
    • Dirty
    • Frayed laces or peeling/worn trim
    • Overly worn tread
    • NO shoe boxes please
  • Broken items
  • Invitations & party supplies
  • Baby books & photo albums
  • R-rated movies
  • Video games rated “M” for mature
  • VHS tapes

Unacceptable Item Fee

A $25 charge will be taken from the earnings checks for consignors who have over 25 unacceptable items brought to the sale. These items are unsafe, of poor quality, and waste the time of our staff and WeeHelpers to sort and remove them.

Battery Fee

Consignors will be charged $1.00 for each AA & AAA and $2 for each 9-v, C or D battery which needs to be replaced.  New items, in the original manufacturers packaging, do not need to include batteries.

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