Our In-Person Shopping Changes

Since 2010, WeeUsables has helped thousands of local families make raising a family more affordable. Although our world may look different, WeeUsables remains committed to serving our community, safely. Here’s how we plan to keep our shoppers, consignors and staff healthy.

Planning to attend our upcoming sale?

What you can expect.

  • Shopper Limits – We will limit the number of shoppers on the sales floor at any one time to improve social distancing.
  • Face Coverings – All shoppers, staff, WeeHelpers and consignors are required to wear either a mask or face covering per the state requirement. This is non-negotiable.
  • BYOB “Bring Your Own Bag”– For sanitary reasons, the blue IKEA bags will not be handed out for shoppers to use at this sale. Instead, we recommend bringing your own reusable bag(s).
  • Widening the Aisles – We will be removing tables and making other sales floor adjustments to allow for better social distancing.
  • Children and Babies – Although they are welcome at WeeUsables, we do suggest leaving youngsters at home for this sale. If you will be attending a pre-sale, your baby/child WILL be counted in venue capacities for the WeeHelper, Consignor and NEW & DUE pre-sales. Also, all children & babies will need their own ticket to attend the Public Pre-sale on Thursday. No exceptions.
  • Sanitizing – Our team will be cleaning daily to insure everyone’s safety.
  • Checkout Modifications – We are actively planning ways to decrease lines, maintain distancing and safety.