WeeHelper FAQs


General Questions

We could never pull off this huge, community event in such a short timeframe without the help of our staff and WeeHelpers.  Having everyone working together builds a sense of community to have the sale run smoothly and thereby helping all consignors.

WeeHelper shifts are available to any consignor participating in the event in that location/season. To be considered a “participating” consignor, the registered seller must have entered and dropped of the a minimum of 25 items to be sold. Consignors may sign up for one (1) or up to six (6) WeeHelper shifts.

YES. There are no exceptions.

No, consignors are not required to help at the event, but why miss all the benefits?  Have fun, meet other parents, shop first, get the best deals & keep more!

Please contact us by email ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Seated and “low impact” spots are limited and may require a WeeHelper to move to another day/time.  We can provide an opportunity for a nursing mom to either nurse or pump and will ask you to add this time to the end of your shift so you still help 3 hours total.



Depending on the number of shifts, WeeHelpers may keep between 65-80% of their sales. Non-helping consignors keep 60%.

Keeping more than 60% is limited to the availability of WeeHelper shifts, and is not guaranteed. Additional shifts will not be added to the schedule to ensure a consignor reaches a pre-determined precentage. “I want to keep xx% so I need another shift or to add time to a shift”.

For liability reasons, only a legal spouse may help and increase the percentage of sales a consignor keeps.


Sign Up & Shifts

The WeeHelper schedule is posted online, a few months before the event and is accessible to consignors who have paid their registration fee. Once the schedule is up, consignors may see open shifts and select 1 or up to 6 shifts max.

The WeeHelper schedule is posted and shifts are available on a first come, first served basis only.

We have a variety of spots available at a WeeUsables event such as:

  • Room Team: Straighten & organize sales floor and assist shoppers during the sale.  Could involve heavy lifting.
  • Hold Team: Assist shoppers in holding & organizing large items in the HOLD AREA.  Requires heavy lifting.  No expectant mothers please.
  • Runner: Return unwanted merchandise & shopping baskets to the sales floor.
  • Bagger: Help count & bag purchased items.  Also, must be very friendly and interact with customers.
  • Registration: Check in consignors during drop off hours. (May be a seated position)
  • Greeter: Welcome shoppers to the sale – must be outgoing & friendly. (May be a seated position)
  • Quality Team Members: Check for unacceptable and recalled items dropped off at consignor registration.
  • Line Helper: Help move the check out line move quickly by directing shoppers to open cashiers.  Must be friendly & loud/able to be heard throughout the checkout area.

Each shift is 3 hours long.

When selecting multiple shifts on the same day, do not overlap times (i.e. 8-11am and 10:30am- 1:30 pm). AND If you’d like an extended break to shop or eat, please allow a gap between shifts.

First, in order to have a legal spouse help, the registered consignor must change their first name to include the spouse in their Wee account. i.e. “Jack and Jill" (first name) "Smith" (last name). Then, just select available shifts on the schedule, up to 6 max.

Yes, but there must be 2 shifts available. First sign up for 1 shift, then immediately email us and provide the open shift day & time. We will need to add the 2nd person manually since the software will not allow a consignor to sign up for 2 overlapping shifts. Please do not bring a spouse to allow helping on a shift, if you are not both scheduled.


At the Event

Please wear a white, blue, or green shirt to help shoppers identify our staff. You will be given an apron or badge to wear. “Wee Tees” are available in sizes Adult Small to 3XL for purchase, but not required.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time to sign in and receive instructions.

Our needs may change during the event and a WeeHelper may be moved to alternative spot. Please be flexible.

You may add and drop shifts online up until the “window” is closed, usually the weekend before the event. If you need to cancel after this point or less than 24 hours prior to the shift, you must email us at cs@weeusablesevent.com AND call 717-495-2855, Extension 9335. No Facebook posts or FB messages will be accepted. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of WeeUsables ONLY if these steps have been taken. Consignors will be charged $25 for every no-show shift and unable to participate for one (1) year.

WeeHelpers are NOT permitted to bring children, including “worn” infants to their scheduled shift.


WeeHelper Spots are Limited.


Clean Out. Clean Up.