Score Big At WeeUsables: Tips for Every WeeShopper

Hey there, WeeShoppers – it’s April! Your next WeeUsables shopping extravaganza is almost here!


Are you ready to score big?

First, a quick quiz:

What kind of WeeShopper are YOU?

The Multitasker 

With more to do than hours in the day, you crave one-stop-shopping convenience.

The Laser-Precision Bargain Hunter 

You know exactly what you want, and have the detailed list to prove it.

Mama Hen/King of the Roost

Head of a large brood, you stretch every dollar to get the bodies covered.

The First-Timer


A first-time parent/grandparent, you’re overwhelmed by the process of “gearing up,” and sticker-shocked at the 21st-century cost of doing so.

The Treasure-Seeker

A dedicated thrifty shopper, you thrill at bagging brand names for bargain prices.

The Doting Grandparent

Gotta stock up on cool stuff so your sweeties can have fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

The Tween-Handler 

York Fall Sale

You’ve got a tween or two to clothe, but their discerning tastes need to fit your limited budget.

Which category describes you? More than one?

Plan your shopping strategy with tips tailored to each WeeShopper type:

Score Big at WeeUsables: Tips for Every WeeShopper

1. Make a list.

Even better, keep a running list at your fingertips (e.g., on your smartphone), so you can add things to your list as you discover them.

Having a list comes second-nature to first-timers, multitaskers, and laser-precision folks, but it’s even useful for tween-handlers. Without it, your tween might forget those shorts or jackets their growing bodies need.

2. Do the Seasonal Swap.

Time to change over your kids’ drawers and closets, and put away last season’s wardrobe. If you’ve already got a start on summer clothing, you’ll still want to check how well those swimsuits and shorts fit, even though it’s barely April.


It’s also a good time to see if they’ve outgrown any toys, books, or sporting equipment, and add replacements to your list as needed. Especially useful for grandparents and treasure-hunters, but sound advice for any WeeShopper.

3. Check sizing.

Baby Shoes

A must if you have a large brood, or plan to buy shoes. Start with the shoes and clothes they’re currently wearing each day. Look critically at whether ankles and midriffs are covered when they’re supposed to be, and see if your kids can still wiggle their toes in their favorite hiking boots or galoshes.

And trace each child’s foot before the sale, then label/date the cutouts. Also consider cutting a piece of string to match the length, waist-to-ankle or along the inseam, of pants that currently fit – then tape it to each kid’s foot cutout. This works for sleeves and waistlines, too, and makes shopping without your children easier. (See #5.)

4. Know your prices, and do your homework.

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If you’re a first-timer, you’ve probably been researching retail prices anyway, and you know which brands top your list. For treasure-seekers, knowing how much you’ll save at WeeUsables is second nature.

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But even laser-precision WeeShoppers can benefit from pre-sale research. Say your child needs a bigger bike. Knowing the size they need and features they want will make it easier to score big as you sort through the options on the WeeUsables sales floor.

5. Find the kids a sitter.


Unless you’re a tween-handling WeeShopper, leave the kids at home. All those toys are oh-so-tempting to pint-sized tagalongs, and will quickly derail you from crossing things off your list.


The exception is if you’ve got a tween, or a budding fashionista. In that case, your offspring’s discerning tastes mean you’ll want them at the sale, so they don’t veto all your clothing selections when you get home.

6. Plan strategically.


This means more than just prioritizing your shopping lists, and starting with your top-priority areas (though you should do those things, too!). Besides making a list and getting a sitter, savvy WeeShoppers of all types will

  • wear comfy shoes;
  • bring a wheeled shopping cart or basket, if you’ve got a fave (if not, we have plenty of XL, extra-durable Ikea shopping bags available for your convenience);
  • bring snacks and water; and
  • use the shopping map available when you arrive to make a plan of attack for the sales floor.

Unless you’re a laser-precision shopper with just a few things to buy, you’ll want plenty of time to sift through the 75,000-120,000 items for sale at each WeeUsables event. Comfortable footwear and a water bottle will give you stamina to cover your entire list.

7. Shop early for best selection.


Particularly if you’re a first-time WeeShopper, a multitasker who wants to get it done, or are laser-precision-focused on a few key items. Shopping early will increase your odds of scoring exactly the brand or model your heart desires most.

If you’re a consignor or have an early-shopping pass, go during the pre-sale shopping window, to get first dibs on the widest selection.

8. Or consider off-peak hours to avoid the largest crowds.


Especially useful for treasure-seekers and doting grandparents. If you love the bargains but prefer less company on the sales floor, aim for late morning or early afternoon on a weekday, when things are quieter.

9. Save time to sort your stash.


Those with large broods or long lists find it helpful to sift through their selections before heading for the checkout, lest you end up bringing home ten pairs of sneakers when you’d only planned on four!

10. Come back first thing Saturday to score even more bargains.

Treasure-hunter WeeShoppers make a point of returning for the Saturday half-off sale, when items tagged “Discount-Yes” are 50% off the ticketed price.


If you have multiple kids to outfit for an entire season, or have a kiddo who can’t get enough books or puzzles, the half-off sale will help you grab the biggest deals. The selection is usually still extensive in these popular categories, but you’ll be less overwhelmed by choices on the sales floor, and save even more at checkout!

WeeShoppers, what’s your best tip to help others score big at WeeUsables?