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Here's How to Keep Top $$$!

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    Join The Wee Team

    Become a Wee Team Member to shop early, earn money, get free gear and have fun! Click here for more info.

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    Referral Bonus

    Earn a referral bonus for every new consignor referred to participate in the same sale.

    • Consignors may earn a referral bonus for each new consignor referred to participate in the same/current sale season. Bonus amounts are:
      • Lancaster: $20
      • York: $15
      • Harrisburg: $20
      • Holiday: $18
    • This bonus is given one (1) time per season for each new consignor referred.
    • To refer a new consignor, have them list your name when registering, “How did you hear about Weeusables?” OR, send us an email with the information.
    • New consignor must participate in the same/current sale/season and sell a minimum of $5.
    • The referral bonus will be added to your consignor earnings.
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    WeeUsables Selling Tips