Consignor FAQs


General Questions

Consignment is when you “hire” a business to sell an item in exchange for a portion of the sale.

  • Consignors keep a higher percentage of their sales in comparison to a traditional consignment store.
  • Consignors shop twice—before the regular pre-sale event and before the public ½ off event.
  • Consignors control their own prices.
  • Consignors decide if the item will be ½ off on the last day.
  • Wee do all the work—advertising, setting up, running the sale, staffing, getting supplies, etc.
  • Wee get more shoppers than a consignment store, in less time—2,000-6,000 in just 3-4 days!
  • Consignors may pick up any unsold items at the end of the sale.
  • Consignors may transfer unsold items to another location or event.
  • Consignors may use a donation receipt for their tax return, for unsold items, left for the charity Stuff-a-Bag event.
  • Consignors are paid fast—electronically.
  • Wee are a community event run by, and for, local parents.
  • Wee are a woman-owned business.
  • NO advertising
  • NO getting up at the crack of dawn
  • NO setup or tear down
  • NO weather to worry about
  • NO need to get change at the bank
  • NO price negotiating
  • NO dealing with a pile of unsold items you then have to take for donation
  • Wee get more shoppers than a garage sale—2,000-6,000+!
  • Wee have targeted shoppers vs the casual browser.
  • Wee have security.
  • Wee have public bathrooms.
  • Wee accept credit cards.
  • Wee spray all bedding & upholstery for bed bugs per the state’s yellow label law.
  • Save time buying/selling everything your kids need all at once, vs piece by piece.
  • Huge inventory from thousands of local parents all under one roof
  • NO meeting strangers in a parking lot or in your/their home.
  • NO no-shows
  • NO price negotiating
  • Wee inspect the items brought to the sale to insure shoppers aren’t buying items with stains, holes, have been recalled or are expired.
  • Wee accept credit cards.
  • Wee spray all bedding & upholstery for bed bugs per the state’s yellow label law.

We are here to help you make $ so we have several resources available to help consignors at every step!

  • Consignors can follow the steps outlined under the "Consigning at WeeUsables" section of this website.
  • Once registered, new consignors will begin receiving emails with tips and suggestions.
  • Also, new consignors will receive a phone call directly from our "New Consignor Coach". Or, they are welcome to reach out to the New Consignor Coach directly by calling 717-495-2855, ext. 9332.
  • All consignors will be invited to join the current season Facebook Consignor Group. This group is a great way to crowd-source answers or ask us directly. We'll send out emails and post info directly to the Facebook consignor-only group page.
  • Finally, you can reach us directly through our Contact page—along with Facebook message, email, or call.


It’s easy and quick—click here to register. When you register, you’ll be given a unique consignor #, which will be yours anytime you participate in a WeeUsables event.

Yes, in Lancaster there are typically two (2) consignor types—Regular Consignor and Restocking Consignor.

In York, Harrisburg, and the Holiday sale, there is one (1) consignor type—Regular Consignor.

Yes, there is a small fee per location to help cover rental fees, advertising and other expenses.  This fee varies by location and the type of consignor.  However, we want families to try WeeUsables so we will refund NEW / FIRST-TIME CONSIGNORS their registration fee. This fee will be refunded through the consignor’s earnings after participating in the event.  However, if a new consignor does not enter, bring or sell items, this fee is non-refundable or transferable.  

Yes, consignors who participate in consecutive sales keep their consignor number.

Yes, consignors are not automatically registered for the next event and must re-register each time.


Questions About Items

Generally, WeeUsables accepts a variety of new and gently used maternity, baby, and children’s merchandise including clothes (preemie to kids size 20), toys, strollers, bikes, books, bouncy seats, children’s games, nursery items, furniture and much more.   Please review the consignor Guidelines, Quality Standards & What to Sell page for a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items.

All (regular and restocking) consignors must enter and bring a minimum of 25 items to the sale to participate.  Those under these minimums, may be deleted as a consignor and WeeHelper shifts, cancelled.

Wee do not have a maximum total number of items a consignor may bring. However, both Lancaster and York have limits on HANGING children's and maternity clothing. Also, we do have the right to refuse any inordinately large amounts. Please review the Consignor Options by Location page for more information on hanging limits.

First, we ask that you pick the BEST hanging children’s items and hanging maternity items to sell PLUS freebies.  BUT, if you have more to sell, contact us quickly for the current options.

No, that’s why it’s best to find free ones.  If you need to buy hangers, add the cost into the price you are charging for the item to help off-set this cost.

Click here for some ideas on where to find them free or really cheap! Seasoned consignors are looking for and stashing hangers year around.  Also, there are lots of hangers left after our Stuff-a-Bag event on Saturday. Savvy consignors will come and load up for the next event. 😊

After the sale, unsold items may be picked up by the consignor during the designated consignor pickup time.  Then, ANY items left past pickup become the property of WeeUsables, no matter if the item was marked Donate Yes or No.  We will gladly distribute all unsold items to local charities who benefit families in our community.

YES!  You may transfer unsold items to future WeeUsables' sales, or other sales using the MyCM software. Consignors must "transfer" these items online, to the NEW event; and are also responsible for physically transferring them from one event to another.


Consignor Spots are Limited.


Better than a store?

Consignor's price their own items – lower than store prices – saving you up to 90% off retail!


Save Time. Save Money.

Big Savings!

Shoppers save up to 90% on retail!

All in one place. All in one week!


Better than a garage sale?

Don't drive all over town – at 5am! Get a wider variety, better quality, safer products – all in one place!


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Better than a buy-sell-trade group?

Don't meet in a parking lot! Buy clean, safe items in a family-friendly venue with no haggling!