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  • Lots of shoppers.

    Thousands of local families shop our event—8,000 people per season.

  • Public interest.

    Local media frequently shows up at WeeUsables events, bringing in even more shoppers.

  • Direct sales.

    Make $ by selling products at your table.

  • Build your contact list.

    Make connections for post-event sale opportunities.

  • A good deal.

    Cost-effective as compared to other vendor-centric event fees.

  • Exclusive.

    Limited vendor spots available & only one (1) table per brand.

  • Be the first.

    Returning vendors may re-register for the next event before new vendor slots open.

  • We're social.

    Huge social media presence to further promote your biz—13,000+ Facebook & 1,000+ Instagram followers.

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2018 Vendor Promotional Options & Information

Option 1: Vendor Booth (Limited Availability)


  • Lancaster event (Wed-Sat) 4-day fee is $285. Vendor set-up is Tues 2pm-5pm & tear-down is Sat 12pm.
  • York event (Thurs-Sat) 3-day is $175. Vendor set-up is Wed 2pm-5pm & tear-down is Sat 12pm.
  • Full payment must be made to reserve the table.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable or transferrable.
  • Need electric or internet? Please contact us for availability and the current venue fees.


  • Exposure at event – Approximately 5,000 shoppers in Lancaster and 3,000 in York
  • Exposure on social media via Facebook (13,000+ fans) and Instagram (1,000+ followers & growing!)
  • 6 ft (Lancaster) or 8 ft (York) uncovered table and two (2) chairs
  • Stuff business’ promotional materials into consignor and/or new parent goodie bags
  • Post specials/promotions about the business on Facebook before and during the event


  • The business must be geared to children & families and WeeUsables has the right to refuse any products or services we feel do not represent our brand or image.
  • Products may be sold from the vendor table, but those items must not compete with those sold by consignors (e.g., gently used clothing, toys or related products).
  • A limit of one table per brand will be allowed per sale (e.g., one (1) Mary Kay table, one (1) Avon table).
  • WeeUsables will allow multiple consultants per brand/business to split the cost and time of a vendor table; however, the vendor is responsible for arranging this (i.e. several Mary Kay consultants split the cost & time to man a table). Please have one (1) lead vendor to represent the business and this person will coordinate with the other team members.
  • It is strongly encouraged, but not required, to staff the vendor table during all sale hours.
  • Please donate a raffle prize to be included in the WeeUsables sale raffle. Include this info and value on your form, but do not bring in/send us your prize.  We will contact you with the winner’s information, after the event.
  • Vendor tables are first come, first serve for each event.
  • Exact table location is not guaranteed.
  • Vendors may shop during the consignor pre-sale starting at 2pm. Max of 2 reps per table.
  • Items vendors wish to buy, must be purchased before the end of each sales day.
  • Vendors may bring their children to the event, but must remain at the table with the parent.
  • No unpaid merchandise may be kept at the vendor table.
  • Vendor registration for the next event begins the same day as consignor registration. Previous sale vendors do have the option of keeping their table, if it is reserved prior to the start of the next sale’s consignor registration.

Option 2: Goodie Bag Stuffer


  • Lancaster is $75.
  • York is $50.
  • Full payment must be made at time of registration.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable or transferrable.


  • Flyers, coupons, brochures, postcards, etc., must be received one (1) week before the sale begins. Please arrange to drop off or mail to WeeUsables, PO Box 4322, Lancaster, PA 17604-4322.
  • Limit of two (2) promo items stuffed per goodie bag
  • Promo items must fit into a 9” wide x 12” long bag.
  • All full-sized sheets of paper (8 ½” x 11”) must be pre-folded, in half or thirds, before given to WeeUsables.
  • Only one rep per company is permitted per event, and WeeUsables prioritizes Vendor Booths over Goodie Bag Stuffers. If a business rep signs up as a Goodie Bag Stuffer, and a second rep from the same company signs up to reserve a Vendor Booth, the first confirmed rep will be given the opportunity to upgrade from Stuffer to Booth. If he/she chooses not to upgrade, their Stuffer vendor fee will be refunded, and the second rep will be permitted to reserve a Vendor Booth.
  • Please donate a raffle prize which would be included in the WeeUsables sale raffle. Include this info and value on your form, but do not bring in/send us your prize.  We will contact you with the winner’s information, after the event.
  • Historically, in Lancaster, we stuff 750 consignor goodie bags and 300 first-time-mom goodie bags. In York, we stuff 325 consignor and 150 first-time mom bags.  However, we will confirm the total # prior to the event.
  • Feel free to give us additional handouts for display on the raffle table.

Turn that kids' clutter into cash!

Clean out and clean up! Our consignors earn an average of $340 per sale!

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