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THANK YOU for participating again!

Before registering, all consignors should be sure they fully understand all of our guidelines, found within the entire "Consigning at WeeUsables" section on this website. In addition, be sure to read over the Latest Consignor Updates below, which outlines some changes we are making to simplify and improve consigning at WeeUsables. Please contact us if you require further clarification, or have additional questions. All guidelines are subject to change.


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Latest Consignor Updates

WeeUsables is always making updates to simplify and improve consigning, while continuing to offer the best children and maternity resale opportunity in the area! These are the latest updates only. All consignors should be sure they fully understand all of our guidelines, found under "Consigning at WeeUsables" on this website. All guidelines are subject to change.

New for Spring 2019

No Consignor Updates

  • While no new consignor updates have been made for Spring 2019, all updates below will still apply. Additionally, all consignors should be sure they fully understand all of our guidelines, found under "Consigning at WeeUsables" on this website. All guidelines are subject to change.

New for Fall 2018

Minimum Pricing

  • The new minimum price will now be $1 vs 50 cents, but we’ll continue to have the $1.50, $2.50, etc. pricing. The lowest price you can enter will now be $1 so group things together. Remember, you can mark discount "yes" on a $1 item and it will go for 50 cents on Saturday morning.

Junior Sizing

  • Due to the lack of sales, and amount of hanging space available, we will no longer accept juniors sizing at the event. We will accept any brand children’s clothing tagged up to 18/20 by the manufactuer. No larger sizes accepted including juniors XS, S, M etc. The only non-childrens’ sizing accepted will be in maternity & nursing.

Consignor Sale Payments

  • We pay all consignors via PayPal, and their latest policy now requires recipents to “verify” their account in order to accept monies paid. If your account has not been verified, follow the necessary steps to complete your profile. We’d be happy to mail a paper check, if notified before the sale begins, less a $3 processing fee.

New for Spring 2018


  • Equipment Only Consignors will put their items onto the sales floor along with Regular Consignors, vs bringing the items to the Restocking Area.

WeeHelper Program

  • Please read over the updated guidelines for selecting WeeHelper shifts.
  • 80% consignor earnings limit

Facebook Consignor Group

  • Private, invite only spring ’18 consignor group to create a sense of community among the current season’s sellers and allow us and consignors to communicate with each other.

Cleaning Fee

  • 10% of selling price will be deducted from consignor earnings for any item cleaned by our quality team and sold.

Referral Bonuses

  • To simplify accounting post-event, consignors will now receive $5 for every new consignor they refer (Registration fee will no longer be refunded.).

Voice Inventory Entry

  • Consignors can save time by using the new voice enabled description entry, through the mobile site.


Wee Tag For You Tagging Service Available.

Consignor Rules & Regulations (Legal Stuff)

  • All consignors earn a base commission of 65% of their sales.
  • Consignor registration fee is refunded for all new / first-time regular & restocking consignors only. Refund excludes new / first-time Wee Tag For You consignors.
  • Consignor’s items are not guaranteed to sell.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any items on the DO NOT ACCEPT list or do not meet our quality standards.
  • It is the intent of WeeUsables (not a guarantee) to only offer non-recalled items, items in complete working condition, and that pass CPSC safety guidelines. Please check no consigned items have been recalled no more than a week before the sale at cpsc.gov
  • Any items with missing or tampered tags will not be sold.
  • WeeUsables has the right to refuse any inordinately large drop-offs or items outside the listed limits.
  • Consignors are not required to be present or help during the sale.
  • All registered consignors must drop-off their items at the posted times in order to participate.
  • Consignors must also pick-up their unsold items at the posted time or those items will be donated to local charities.
  • WeeUsables is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items and is not liable for any injuries during the sale event, or injury incurred by items purchased at the sale.

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Clean out and clean up! Our consignors earn an average of $340 per sale!

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