Earn up to 80% of your sales!

We need lots of WeeHelpers to make the events a success, so we offer awesome benefits such as:

  • Shop First… TWICE!  WeeHelpers shop 2 hours before consignors and way earlier than the general public before the regular and the 1/2 off sale!
  • Earn More!  Increase your consignor earnings when you help 2 or more shifts.
  • Have fun!  :)

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WeeHelper Examples

  • Room Team- Straighten & organize sales floor and assist shoppers during the sale.  Could involve heavy lifting.
  • Hold Team- Assist shoppers in holding & organizing large items in the HOLD AREA.  Requires heavy lifting.  No expectant mothers please.
  • Runner- Return unwanted merchandise & shopping baskets to the sales floor.
  • Bagger- Help count & bag purchased items.  Also, must be very friendly and interact with customers.
  • Registration- Check in consignors during drop off hours. (May be a seated position)
  • Greeter- Welcome shoppers to the sale – must be outgoing & friendly. (May be a seated position)
  • Quality Team Members- Check for unacceptable and recalled items dropped off at consignor registration.
  • Line Helper- Help move the check out line move quickly by directing shoppers to open cashiers.  Must be friendly & loud/able to be heard throughout the checkout area.
  • Raffle Table- Ask shoppers to fill out raffle slips and hand out promotional materials – must be outgoing & friendly. (May be a seated position)
  • Cashier- These positions are not open to the public and will be assigned by the organizers.
  • Water- Deliver cold water bottles in a cooler with ice for the WeeHelpers & staff.  Must be able to leave cooler to be picked up at a later time.
  • Can you help us in another way?  Please contact us.

WeeHelper Rules

  • WeeHelper spots are ONLY open to consignors participating in the current sale.
  • Shifts are 3 hours in length.
  • Earning benefits for consignors:
    • 1 shift: Shop early during the public sale AND before the 1/2 off sale (see Lancaster Sale Schedule or York Sale Schedule for specific WeeHelper shopping hours).
    • 2 shifts: Shop early & earn 70%
    • 3 shifts: Shop early & earn 72%
    • 4 shifts: Shop early & earn 75%
    • 5 shifts: Shop early & earn 77%
    • 6 shifts: Shop early & earn 80%- HIGHEST % IN THE AREA!
  • Only spouses of consignors may work WeeHelper shifts to help add to a consignor’s earnings.  Contact us for more information.
  • If spouses would like to help at the same time, make sure there are 2 open shifts, sign up for 1 then immediately contact us so we can add the 2nd person manually.  The program will not allow a consignor to pick 2 shifts at the same time.
  • We need strong WeeHelper men & women to lift heavier items during the consignor drop-off and busy sale hours.  Let us know if you are available.
  • OR please let us know if you have any physical limitations asap since there are few sitting options at the event.  We will do our best to accommodate however we may not have your first choice for day & time.
  • WeeHelper shifts are available on a first come, first served basis. No exceptions.
  • When selecting multiple shifts on the same day, do not overlap times (i.e. 8-11am and 10:30am- 1:30 pm).
  • You will be assigned a specific job when you check in but may be moved to a different position.  Please be flexible.
  • Please wear a white, blue, or green shirt to help shoppers identify our staff. You will be given an apron or badge to wear.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can get you checked in and trained for your area so you may begin helping on time.
  • You will not be able to text or talk on your mobile devices during your shift.  Emergencies only please.
  • Please bring or purchase a snack/drink at the venue. 
  • For their safety, no children or worn infants allowed during ANY WeeHelper shifts.
  • Consignors will be charged $25 for every no-show shift. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of WeeUsables ONLY if you call 717-495-2855 less than 24 hours prior to the shift’s start.  You must call to cancel, no Facebook posts or messages please.

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