Shopper FAQs


General Questions

Our sales offer a unique variety of new & gently used maternity, baby, and children’s merchandise including clothes (preemie to kids' size 20), toys, strollers, bikes, books, bouncy seats, children’s games, DVDs, nursery items, furniture and much more! Here’s a sample of items you may find at the next WeeUsables event.

Nope! Everything is organized by size and gender, like a “traditional” store, including the price the consignor chose for the item. Just shop and checkout all at once. No negotiating with each seller.

Yes. We do ask for payment in order to pull the item off the sales floor and into the hold area. Remember, these local families want to sell their stuff!

Sorry, but all sales are final. We do our best to check all the items sold are complete and in working condition; however, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check that all toys and clothing items are satisfactory prior to purchase. No refunds or exchanges.

We ensure the safety of our shoppers by restricting items, consignors signing a waiver they have checked for recalls and last, our quality team double-checks the items brought to the event. Also, per the state’s “yellow label” laws, we spray and sanitize all bedding and upholstery.

The Stuff-a-Bag event is a public sale held on Saturday evening and admission is free. At the entrance, we distribute biodegradable standard-sized grocery bags for shoppers to stuff with any remaining merchandise. Shoppers may bring larger bags (big totes, carts, etc) BUT must stuff into our bags. Each filled bag and large individual items cost $10 cash only. Sorry no credit cards may be used during Stuff-a-Bag. 100% of the money collected will be given to the local charity, voted on by our consignors. To date, WeeUsables Consignment Event has donated over $100,000 to organizations who help women and children in our communities.


How to Get In

Yes! Everyone is welcome to shop our public sale events and shoppers do not need to register online to shop.

All public sale events have free admission. However, there is a fee for adults, 18 and older to attend the public pre-sale. Kids are always free.

We offer several pre-sale shopping opportunities, first to our Wee Team Members who work at the event and then our selling consignors. Then, we admit parents & grandparents who qualify and have registered for a special new parent/grandparent event. Lastly, we admit those who have a pre-sale ticket, purchased online for Lancaster and at the door in York. Want to shop first? Sell with us!

New Parent, Grandparent & Foster Parent Guidelines

  • Limited, registration-only event
  • Open to: Parents/grandparents expecting a baby/grandbaby
  • Open to: Parents/grandparents adopting a baby/grandbaby
  • Open to: Parents/grandparents whose baby/grandbaby is 12 months of age or younger the month of the sale
  • Open to: Foster parents with a placement within last 12 mos.  Documentation may be required.

No sorry. Pre-sales are exclusive for these specific groups. Want to shop first? Sell with us!


What to Bring

Yes, children are always welcome, even for the pre-sales! But, with so many great deals, it may easier to shop solo 😊.

Please leave large purses & diaper bags at home. If you bring a stroller or shopping bag, please throw in a diaper & wipes.

Yes. Unlike other consignment events, WeeUsables does allow strollers!

We do offer shoppers a large IKEA bag to hold items, but strongly suggest bringing something with wheels (wagon, cart, stroller etc.) to hold the bags. If you bring your own bag(s) to shop, our cashiers will put your items into garbage bags first then into your bag. This helps our security determine which items have been purchased.

Yes! Please ask a WeeHelper, in a blue shirt, green shirt or tan apron, for the closest available restroom.

Yes! Please ask a WeeHelper, in a blue shirt, green shirt or tan apron, for assistance.


How to Pay

Sometimes there can be a line to checkout, especially during busy times such as morning on the first public sale, Saturday morning’s half-off event and Stuff-a-Bag. We have lots of cashiers and we do our best to get shoppers out quick, but please bring extra patience. Remember how much time and money you are saving!

Sorry no checks.

We accept cash, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. However, paid admission at the door (when applicable) and Stuff-a-Bag purchases are cash only.


Best Deals. Biggest Selection. Exclusive. Bring the Family.


Better than a store?

Consignor's price their own items – lower than store prices – saving you up to 90% off retail!


Clean Out. Clean Up.


Better than a garage sale?

Don't drive all over town – at 5am! Get a wider variety, better quality, safer products – all in one place!


Shop First. Earn Money.


Better than a buy-sell-trade group?

Don't meet in a parking lot! Buy clean, safe items in a family-friendly venue with no haggling!