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Guidelines, Standards & What to Sell

Last updated June 2022

Thank you for reviewing the WeeUsables safety and quality standards so you can help us continue to sell only safe, gently-used, high-quality items our shoppers have grown to expect! A printable document (PDF) of this information is updated prior to each sale season.

Click here to download and print WeeUsables' Consigning Guidelines, Standards & What to Sell here.

Safety Guidelines

Baby and child safety is WeeUsables’ number one priority. Please carefully read the important information below to ensure the items you choose to consign meet our safety expectations.

  • Please refer to the following websites to be certain your items are not recalled and follow our safety guidelines:
  • When possible, please include owner’s manuals and manufacturer-provided safety info.
  • Be sure packaging for items with small pieces are sealed and contained so young shoppers are not at risk for choking or ingestion hazards while on our sales floor.
  • Please no straight pins of any kind as we do not provide our shoppers with thimbles!

Quality Standards

Most importantly, when considering items to consign, please remember WeeUsables is NOT a yard sale. Wee take quality seriously.

Also, per the consignor waiver, WeeUsables reserves the right to assess the following fees, if applicable:

  • $25 – for over 25 items pulled for quality issues
  • $25 – for over 25 tags that are unable to be scanned at checkout
  • Batteries – all electronic items must contain new, working batteries. Replacement battery charges are:
    • $1/per AA or AAA battery
    • $2/per 9-V, C or D battery
  • 10% of tagged price – for items that do not meet our quality expectations and require cleaning by the Quality Team in order to be sold, a fee of 10% of the tagged price will be deducted from the consignor’s earnings. If the item is found to need more than a light cleaning, it will be pulled from the sales floor.

Any questions? Just click here to send a message to our Quality Team.


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What to Sell

Below is a list of items allowed and not allowed, each season, at WeeUsables' events. There is a maximum of 10 identical items (size, design and manufacturer). If you have a question or are curious about additional items, please click here to contact our quality team directly.



    • All gently-used and new kids’ brands clothing in sizes preemie to kids 20
    • Gently-used and new adult sizes in maternity clothing
    • The majority of clothing must be hung (See “Enter, Print & Tag” for more hanging information and see “Hanging Exceptions” for a list of clothing not required to be hung.)
    • FREEbies - Lancaster and York sales have hanging limits for children’s and maternity clothing. However, the following items do not count towards the hanging total and are “FREEbies”: pajamas, outerwear, swimsuits, coverups and dress-up/costumes. (We offer a limited number of additional hanging item slots if you want to bring more clothing… please refer to “Consignor Options By Location” for more info.)
    • Fall/Winter sales:
      • seasonal styles (e.g. long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, dresses, pants/leggings, etc.)
      • seasonal fabrics (e.g. fleece, velour, velvet, wool, heavier weight knit, denim, corduroy, etc.)
      • seasonal designs/themes (e.g. Halloween, leaves, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, snowmen, snowflakes, winter holidays, New Years, Valentine’s Day, football, ice hockey, skiing, skating, etc.)
      • seasonal outerwear (e.g. snow pants/bibs/suits, jackets, fleece, etc.)
    • Spring/Summer sales:
      • seasonal styles (e.g. sundresses, tank tops, cover-ups, shorts, skorts, capris, short-sleeve shirts, etc.)
      • seasonal fabrics (e.g. cotton, linen, light knit, denim, etc.)
      • seasonal designs/themes (e.g. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, beach/tropical, patriotic, baseball, soccer, swimming, track and field etc.)
      • seasonal outerwear (e.g. rain jackets, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets/sweaters, etc.)
      • swimwear and coverups
      • Family pajamas - must match, not just coordinate; any size/gender (e.g. preemie through adult sizes and boys’, girls’, womens’ or mens’)
      • Mommy-and-Me matching outfits – must match, not just coordinate; any size (e.g. preemie through womens)
      • Multiples (twins/triplets) matching clothing – must match, not just coordinate; any child size/gender (e.g. preemie through size 20 and boys or girls)
      • School uniforms, sports and athletic clothing, dress-up/costumes and handmade items which adhere to the current CPSC guidelines
      • Clothing with non-numerical size (e.g. S, M, L and XL...consignor MUST select a numeric size on tag)
      • Undergarments (e.g. undershirts, camis, bras, nursing bras, bloomers, cartwheel shorts, training pants and underwear) *Underwear must be NEW, in original packaging.


    • Junior size clothing and adult clothing (other than maternity and matching sets)
    • Out-of-season items (see example lists above)
    • Stained, torn, old, smelly, smoky, moldy or pet-hair covered items
    • Items with illegible or missing manufacturer’s size information
    • Used underwear
    • Items with adult/mature graphics, wording or themes



    • Sizes: baby 0-5, toddler 5-12, big kids 13-8+
    • Fall/Winter sales:
      • seasonal styles/materials (e.g. closed-toe, fur-lined crocs, snow & rain boots, etc.)
    • Spring/Summer sales:
      • seasonal styles/materials (e.g. sandals, flip flops, water shoes, etc.)
    • Dress shoes, sneakers, dance shoes, rain boots, sports shoes/cleats - *Note: sports shoes/cleats must be entered under “Sports Equipment” for tagging, but are placed with shoes on the sales floor.
    • Kid-appropriate styles only


    • Adult styles/designs
    • Out-of-season items (see lists above)
    • Dirty, scraped, scuffed, dented, overly-worn shoes
    • Frayed laces or unclean Velcro
    • Overly-worn treads
    • Shoes in boxes (except Robeez-type infant shoes)



    • All the following items must be in gently-used or NEW condition.
    • Baby/toddler travel equipment (e.g. carseat with base*, additional bases*, booster seats* and accessories, pack-and-plays*, diaper bags, carriers/wraps/slings, strollers* and accessories etc.)
      • *Note: carseat with base, additional bases and booster seats will need to have a document signed by the consignor verifying that the item(s) have not been in any accidents, have not expired per the manufacturer’s printed date and at least six (6) months remain until the expiration date; if the item does not have a visible expiration sticker, the manufacturer’s date must be less than five (5) years old.
      • *Note: Pack-and-plays must have their original manufacturer-issued liner and/or mattress.
      • *Note: strollers must have a three (3) or five (5) point harness and be manufactured after 2/2013.
    • Nursery/children’s furniture (e.g. cribs*, changing tables, gliders, rockers, nursing stools, bassinets*, co-sleepers*, table and chair sets, children’s chairs/stools, wood/toy chests*, etc.)
      • *Note: cribs must be manufactured after 6/2011 and without a current recall.
      • *Note: Bassinets must be manufactured after 4/2014 and co-sleepers must be manufactured after 7/2014.
      • *Note: See www.anchorit.gov for tipping hazard guidelines.
      • *Note: Wood/toy chests must have soft close hinges and air holes or no locking mechanism.
    • Baby equipment (e.g. bouncy seats, exersaucers, jumperoos, swings, activity mats, walkers, etc.)
    • Outdoor toys (e.g. bikes, scooters, riding toys, playhouses, motorized cars, etc.)
    • Sports equipment (e.g. bats, balls, helmets, skates, protective gear, etc.)
    • Stuffed animals or toys that “DO” something: sing, play music, dance/move, etc. (example: Tickle-Me Elmo)
    • Art supplies (e.g., sewing items, craft kits, coloring materials, jewelry making materials, new playdough and accessories, etc.)
    • Games and puzzles (must be complete and kid-oriented)
    • Electronics/video and computer games (e.g. Leapfrog, games rated “E” for everyone, etc.)
    • Books (e.g. board books, chapter books, educational/homeschool, etc.)
    • Safety and child-proofing equipment (e.g. gates, door handle and cabinet locks, monitors, outlet covers, etc.)
    • Feeding items (e.g. sippy cups, utensils, travel containers, baby food-making appliances, high chairs*, booster seats, bibs, etc.)
      • *Note: High chairs must have a three (3) or five (5) point harness, unless a two (2) point harness has a raised barrier between the legs.
    • Nursing items (e.g. bottles, nipples, bottle warmers, travel bags, nursing covers, non-liquid filled teethers, open-style pacifiers, nursing pillows, unexpired and unopened formula, breastmilk storage and accessories, new breast pumps, etc.)
    • Diaper and Potty-Training items (e.g. disposable diapers, cloth diapers and accessories, Diaper Genies, clean potty seats, wipes, wipe warmers, etc.)
    • Bathing items (e.g. towels, new/unopened and unexpired bath products, bath toys that cannot trap water or NEW squirt toys still in original packaging, infant bathtubs*, etc.)
      • *Note: Infant bathtubs must follow the CPSC guidelines as of 10/2017 on infant bathtubs and have a visible warning label to address the risk of drowning and falling hazard.
    • Bedding items (e.g. mattress protectors, crib/toddler and twin sheets with intact elastic, breathable bumpers, receiving blankets, single-layer blankets, new “lovies”*, sleeping bags, etc.)
      • *Note: A lovey (stuffed animal with small blanket attached) must be in original packaging or include an attached manufacturer’s tag.
    • Organizational/storage and room décor with a functional purpose (e.g. closet organizers, storage bins/containers, lamps, night lights, curtains, banks, bookends, etc.)
    • NEW “Giftables” – all items in this section must be NEW, in original packaging (e.g. kid-oriented photo frames and albums, wall decals, scrap books/baby books, gift sets, ornaments, milestone trackers/items, etc.)
    • Kid-oriented seasonal holiday items (e.g. Fall/Winter: Halloween trick-or-treat bags, stockings and Spring/Summer: Easter baskets, eggs, etc.)
    • Boys and girls accessories (e.g. belts, ties, jewelry, hair items, etc.)


    • Recalled items* – Check here for recalled items.
      • *Note: recalled items may be sold ONLY if there has been an approved repair and the manufacturer’s repair kit was installed properly.
    • Car seats older than the printed manufacturer expiration date OR, if no printed sticker, not older than five (5) years from the manufactured date OR a carseat within six (6) months of the sale date; also, no car seat liners without a carseat
    • Cribs manufactured on or before 6/2011 and any with an adjustable or drop side
    • Used battery-operated items without functional batteries*
      • *Note: Items that are new, in box or original packaging do not need to include batteries. Batteries that stop working at the sale will be charged a battery fee (paid by consignor) if the item is found not working.
    • Mouth guards, vampire teeth, kazoos, whistles, noise makers and any items that would enter the mouth (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Stuffed animals that do not “DO” something – sing, play music, dance/move, etc.
    • Porcelain dolls and tea sets
    • Naked dolls (e.g. Barbies, baby dolls, etc. must have clothes)
    • Broken, incomplete or overly-used toys, games and puzzles
    • Silly putty, slime or playdough (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Video games rated “T” for Teen or “M” for Mature
    • CDs, DVDs, audio books, VHS tapes and cassettes (unless they accompany a toy or electronic item)
    • ALL medicine, vitamins and food
    • Self-feeders
    • Liquid-filled teethers and used “closed” pacifiers (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Breast pumps and tubing (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Bath products (unless new, in original packaging and not expired)
    • Nail polish (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Humidifiers or nasal aspirators (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Squeeze or squirt bath toys and/or any toy which could hold or trap water (unless new, in original packaging)
    • Infant bathtubs that do not have a clear visible warning label for risk of drowning and falling hazard; bathtubs must follow the 10/2017 guidelines by the CPSC
    • Decorative room décor without a functional purpose (e.g. statues/figurines, rugs, decorative or character pillows, pictures/wall hangings, used photo frames/albums, etc.)
    • Large mirrors or magnifying/makeup mirrors
    • Pillows or pillow pets that do not “DO” something (e.g. light up, vibrate, play music/sound, etc.)
    • Diaper holders made of cloth that hang, usually by a hook or hanger
    • Weighted blankets, crib quilts, comforters, multi-layer blankets
    • Crib bumpers that are not mesh/breathable
    • Sleep positioners or wedges
    • Crib mobiles
    • “Lovies” (unless new, with original manufacturer’s tag attached)
    • Masks or shields
    • Invitations and party supplies