Getting Top Dollar!

Pricing can vary greatly between consignors for the same items, but here are some proven recommendations.

Discount Yes or No?

When pricing items, you will be able to individually select if an item will ring up ½ off on Saturday if it’s unsold; OR, Friday night during the Wee Team and Consignor Pre-sale. Consignors have different theories on what and why to discount. Only you will be able to decide, and the answers may be different for each item; however, ask yourself:

  • What’s the lowest price you’ll accept for the item? So, if your item hasn't sold by Saturday, at ½ off, it may sell at your lowest targeted price.
  • Are you planning to pick up any unsold items during consignor pickup? Yes, then maybe you don’t want to discount items since you are looking for the highest price, and are okay picking up any unsold items.
  • Are you happy to just get something for it? Yes, then select discount yes so you are more likely to sell it.

Remember, your answers may vary by item, and that’s okay! If you don’t want an item discounted, then don’t check the box when entering it into your inventory. If a DISCOUNT NO item remains unsold on Saturday morning, a shopper will still be able to purchase it, but the program will sell it at the non-discounted price, giving you an additional sales opportunity.


Don't Wait! Spots Fill Fast!

Pricing Rules

  • No items may be priced less than $2.00. We suggest grouping several related items into “LOTS”—i.e. Bag of (6) 3-6 mos onesies for one higher price. Plus, it’s less work to enter and tag one bag of 6 like items vs individually.
  • The inventory program only allows 50 cent pricing increments.
  • All items must be tagged using barcodes created by the online inventory software. Handwritten tags are NOT acceptable. Click here for more information on tagging.
  • If transferring an item from another sale, consignors DO NOT need to reprint price tags UNLESS the price or discount code is changed.
  • No handwritten changes to the price tags.  Changes must be done online and then the tag reprinted or the item will be pulled off the floor into the Quality Area.
  • You may ask for input on pricing on the private Facebook Consignor Group, however NO DIRECT SELLING WILL BE ALLOWED VIA THE CONSIGNOR FACEBOOK GROUP.  If this is discovered, both the buyer and seller will be removed from the upcoming events and will forfeit any registration refunds.