Getting Paid

You've Earned It!

Getting Paid is Fast and Easy!

We now use PayPal to send earnings and consignors ūüíĖ IT!

  • Get your $ fast, approximately 2 weeks after the sale!
  • Consignor earnings are available immediately.
  • Safe & more secure method of payment vs ‚Äúsnail‚ÄĚ mail.
  • THE BEST NEWS? WeeUsables pays the PayPal fees, not the consignor!
  • Consignors choose how to retrieve and use their¬†money.¬†ūüėä

How Do Consignors Get Paid?

Approximately 2 weeks after a sale has ended, we will deposit earnings into¬†each consignor‚Äôs individual¬†PayPal account ‚Ästlike a¬†‚Äúdirect deposit‚ÄĚ.¬† Once¬†the¬†funds have been deposited,¬†consignors will receive a ‚ÄúYOU HAVE MONEY‚ÄĚ email directly from PayPal.¬† At that time, consignors¬†may keep earnings in PayPal to use online OR¬†may¬†transfer¬†those funds¬†to a ‚Äútraditional‚ÄĚ bank account.

What Do I Need to Do?

Your email address is very important because PayPal will use it as your unique account number. CLICK below for more info.

I DO have a PayPal account.

YOU MUST EITHER change your Wee account email to the same email used with your PayPal account OR add your Wee account email to your PayPal account as a secondary address.  MULTIPLE EMAILS MAY BE LINKED TO ONE PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

If¬†you have a¬†PayPal¬†account but haven‚Äôt used it recently, we suggest you contact them before the sale to insure your account is in¬†‚Äúgood standing‚Ä̬†to avoid a delay¬†by PayPal.¬† Please contact PayPal‚Äôs¬†customer service¬†at¬†# 1-888-221-1161.

I DO NOT have a PayPal account.

After we make the deposit, consignors will receive a¬†‚ÄúYOU HAVE MONEY‚Ä̬†email with¬†instructions¬†to create¬†an account.¬†¬†OR¬†setup¬†an account now¬†at¬†www.PayPal.com.¬†¬†Make sure the email attached to your PayPal account is the same¬†one used for¬†your Wee¬†account.¬†¬†MULTIPLE EMAILS¬†MAY BE LINKED¬†TO¬†ONE¬†PAYPAL ACCOUNT.


Don't Wait! Spots Fill Fast!

Additional Info

  • Consignors¬†are responsible for having¬†their Wee¬†account email match their PayPal account.¬†This¬†must be completed BEFORE the¬†sale and tagging system closes.
  • If¬†the following¬†situations occur,¬†the funds¬†will be¬†returned to¬†WeeUsables¬†in¬†30 days.¬†¬†At which time, we will mail a physical check to the address on the Wee account, less a $3 processing charge.¬† Sorry,¬†but¬†WeeUsables¬†cannot write a check until the funds are returned from PayPal.
    • Wee¬†account¬†and PayPal account¬†aren‚Äôt¬†linked properly,
    • Or, payment is denied by PayPal¬†due to a delinquent account,
    • Or, a consignor doesn‚Äôt claim¬†their¬†money within 30¬†days.
  • Want a physical check?¬†Just email us before the sale and we‚Äôll mail you a check, less a $3 processing charge, to the address on your Wee account.
  • Questions? We¬†are able to answer limited questions,¬†but suggest¬†contacting¬†PayPal¬†directly regarding their services‚ÄĒwww.PayPal.com¬†or 1-888-221-1161.