Score Big At WeeUsables: Tips for Every WeeShopper

April 1, 2016

Hey there, WeeShoppers – it’s April! Your next WeeUsables shopping extravaganza is almost here! Are you ready to score big? First, a quick quiz: What kind of WeeShopper are YOU? The Multitasker  With more to do than hours in the day, you crave one-stop-shopping convenience. The Laser-Precision Bargain Hunter  You know exactly what you want,…

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Top 10 Tips – How NOT to Make Money at a WeeUsables Consignment Event

March 1, 2016

Whoa, wait – there are people who consign because they want to make money?  The only reason you became a consignor, whether this is your first WeeUsables or your tenth, is because you were getting bored with sitting around the house all day, eating bonbons and bingeing on video streams. So, unless you actually want…

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