Kids Consignment Sale Prep Start Guide

Prepping for your Next Kids Consignment Sale: Part 1 of 3

So you just registered for the next WeeUsables Children’s Consignment Event. And you’ve heard somewhere (or maybe here or here) … the earlier you start prepping your stuff, the more likely you are to rake in the big bucks and offload most of your stash. But what can you possibly do, months ahead of time, to get a jump-start on your kids consignment sale preparations?


kids consignment sale pile

Even a few minutes here and there, or a chunk of time each weekend, can make a huge difference.

Sure, there are four-week get-ready guides that make it sound soooo easy to get ready in as little as a month. But if you want to keep consignment prep from taking over your entire life in the weeks before the sale, beginning your prep work now is a great way to go.

To make things easier, this summer the WeeBlog will feature a series of quick-start tips to get you going on your kids consignment sale preparations. We’ve grouped these tips into the “Three G’s”:

  • Gather;
  • Go Through; and
  • Get Started.

Whether you’re a seasoned consignor or this is your first WeeUsables Consignment Event, we hope you’ll find some useful ideas for ways to make that mountain of prep work more manageable.

Our focus for June is on Step #1: Gather everything you need.

Ready? Then read on!

Step 1: GATHER what you need

The things you’ll need to gather generally fall into two broad categories:

  • SUPPLIES you’ll need for prepping your items to sell; and
  • ITEMS you plan to consign.

supplies for kids consignment sale

First: Gather your SUPPLIES

At the very least, you’ll need lots of hangers.

hangers for kids consignment sale

  • Have a stash left over from the end of your last kids consignment sale? A few minutes untangling and sorting through them can make hanging clothes later on a lot easier.
  • If you don’t have a stash handy, start visiting your local dry cleaner’s to ask for freebies, or check on Craigslist or Freecycle.
  • For more ideas on getting hangers for next-to-nothing, check out this or this.

Besides hangers, you’ll need to stock up on the following:

  • A few rolls each of clear packing tape and painter’s (masking) tape
  • Plastic bags: zip-top quart and gallon size, and large shopping or trash bags
  • Safety pins (larger size and better quality, such as Dritz Basting Pins in size 3)
  • Those handy little plastic doodads called zip ties or cable ties; a multipack of assorted smaller sizes is ideal
  • Cleaning wipes and Magic Erasers
  • White or pastel coverstock – that is, paper rated 60lb to 67lb (unless you plan to get your tags printed at an office-supply store)

You’ll also want to have nearby

  • A good pair of scissors
  • Some permanent markers
  • A caddy or storage box to keep your supplies in
  • A mending kit

Other helpful items to consider include

batteries for kids consignment sale

  • Spare batteries in various sizes, if you have lots of electronics
  • A lint shaver or de-pilling comb
  • A pull-fixer
  • Clingy plastic wrap, for keeping wooden puzzles together
  • A fine-needle tagging gun, including plenty of barbs and extra needles
  • Highlighters (useful for marking special features in the item description on your price tag)
  • Colorful duck tape, yarn, or some other way to mark your hangers, for easy identification at pick-up time
  • A portable clothing rack and/or closet doublers
hangers on a closet doubler

Closet doublers can expand your space to store clothing items once they’re prepped, and also store extra hangers until you need them.

And finally,

  • Large plastic tubs that nest when not in use, but stack nicely when full – these are great for storing items between sales, and transferring them in and out at sale time

storage tubs for consignment

You can find many of these items for next to nothing at dollar stores, clearance sections of department and office-supply stores, Goodwill and other thrift stores, or Lancaster Creative Reuse.

Locating all these items BEFORE you dive into the kids consignment sale prep process will make your life easier later on. And keeping your smaller items in a designated spot, like a portable caddy, will also save you from running back and forth.

supplies in caddy

Next: Gather your ITEMS

Collect those clothes

Every time you put away your kids’ clean clothes, set aside those things that are outgrown or out-of-season.

clothes for kids consignment sale

  • Putting a special “kids consignment sale” hamper wherever you do laundry is one easy way to collect these items.
  • Or keep two plastic tubs going at once: one for clothing for spring sales, and one for fall-sale clothing.
  • Some moms prefer to keep a laundry basket or box in each kid’s closet for outgrown items.

Cull the toys and books

toys for kids consignment sale

  • Right before birthdays and holidays is a great time to look through your kids’ things for items they’ve outgrown, but you can do this any time you have a few spare minutes.
  • Designate a smaller basket or box to collect stray pieces-that-go-to-something-else, so you can find them easily when it’s time to match them up.

Set aside the big items

Once your big kid is no longer using that high chair/potty seat/booster/tricycle, get it out of circulation and tucked away ASAP.

  • If possible, claim a corner of your attic, basement, or garage to stash these items.
  • If you can’t completely hide such things from your family’s view, large boxes or black trash bags can help keep them out of your children’s sight.

What is your favorite tip for collecting your kids consignment sale merchandise? How about your best idea for managing the tools and materials you’ll need for prepping? Let us know in the comments – and stay tuned for next month’s post, on the critical but easy-to-overlook “Go Through” step!